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Yeastie Bastards!

Happy New Year to you all!  I didn’t exactly take the last week of the year off from baking.  I decided after getting a bag of freshly ground flour from a coworker to try sourdough again.  Paddy, my sourdough starter, started getting fed the good stuff a few days prior.  Then I used the San Francisco Sourdough Recipe on Sourdough Home.

So apparently I am just not meant to make sourdough bread.  Breaking a sweat, I needed that damn dough for 20 minutes and let it rise (more like melt) for 12 hours.  The bread wasn’t as flat as the last loaf, but was just as dense.  And it was still a bit wet inside.  Needless to say, another loaf goes in the trash.

I’m not sure what to do, but maybe I should start a new starter from scratch.  Paddy just doesn’t seem to be working out.  But for now, I’ll stick with active dry yeast.


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